Dusk Daze

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Race Unicorn
Age Colt
Cutie Mark Tornado
Location Stalliongrad
Coat Color Navy Blue
Mane Color Auburn with Silver highlights
Guiding Element Loyalty
Special Purpose To become a premier weatherpony as a unicorn, not a pegasus
Likes Video games, music, weather, adventure
Dislikes Bullies, Upper class snobs, Pain
Attribute Score Skills Level Job Level
Mind 6 Video Games 1 Weather Pony 2
Body 1 Drums 1
Heart 1 Weather Prediction 3
Horn Hocus Pocus
Egghead x3
Racial abilities
Magical Improv
Arcane Research
Spells Manifestation Difficulty Level
Water Breathing Touch/Amniomorphic 3 1
Cloud-Walking Touch 4 2
Blizzard/Control Spectacle 8 1
Jetstream Touch 6 1
Cloud-Craft Amniomorphic 6 2
Telekinesis Amniomorphic 3
Lightning Bolt Amniomorphic/Spectacle 4-6 2
Book Fort Spectacle 6 1
Move Earth Amniomorphic ? 1
Teleport Amniomorphic ? 1
Frost Shield Amniomorphic ? 2
Aero Rush Amniomorphic 4 3

(Preference is to refer to Dusk as a stallion rather than a colt to make bio/character more fitting. Colt sounds to young in my personal opinion so I’m just tweaking it slightly for the sake of flow.)

Dusk Daze was born to the co-managers of the Manehatten Weather Team. His father Cyclone Winds- head of the storm division dealing in more powerful weather systems- and mother Chilly Wisp- head of the technical division handling the more finesse weather- both were overjoyed when one day Dusk showed aptitude in weather magic by causing rain to fall inside their home when he had a tantrum and shot his father on the flank with a magical lightning bolt when they tried to calm him down. Needless to say he calmed down pretty fast over his lack of a cutie mark when his parents directed his attention to the new tornado on his butt.

From there Dusk learned the ins and outs of Equestria’s weather systems and trained himself to be able to affect it with his magic in a more controlled way. As time went on he officially joined the Manehatten Weather Team and learned more of the ins and outs of the weather itself through hands-on experience. Eventually it became clear that he had the potential to either take over for his parents one day or at the very least co-run the team with them. The few friends he made on the weather team were more than encouraging of his ideas, even if it meant he would leave Manehatten one day. Arctic Hail, a powder white mare with a deep blue wavy mane and tail and a snowflake for a cutie mark was one of Dusk’s oldest friends from before the weather factory and was always a voice of reason for him whenever he felt confused or conflicted about things. Crimson Gale, a deep red stallion with a fiery orange mane and tail and a sunrise cutie mark (always hates when ponies call it a sunset) was the more outgoing, pigheaded companion to Dusk, with the two of them occasionally getting into trouble for being a little rowdy with the weather at times but was always there a a steadfast friend whenever Dusk needed a hoof to depend on. Finally, Morning Dawn, a quiet mare that Dusk to this day still regretted his lack of courage to ask her out one day. Though she was never one for a conversation at times, this violet mare with a pure white and detailed mane and tail and a sun behind a cloud for a cutie mark, she never stood down from a challenge and never let the other weather ponies do a task too tough for them without lending a hoof. She was by far a jack-of-all-trades when it came to the weather and it was no surprise that even being around the same age as Dusk, Crimson, and “Haily” was quickly promoted to assistant manager of the weather team, second only to Cyclone and Chilly.

Dusk didn’t want this however. He was proud of the abilities that his parents had helped him to hone, and was very thankful to them; but he didn’t want to feel like he was simply following in his parents footsteps to take over for them. He wanted to make a name for himself by going to another city and making his own push without his parents on his shoulders. The day he made his choice known to his family, his mother was proud of him amidst her tears while his father outright demanded he stay. He was doing so well he could easily handle things in Manehatten regardless of them being there. But Dusk refused to continue living off his parents and wanted to make his own way in his own home. He promised he would visit from time to time and wouldn’t forget about them, but that this was something he felt he had to do.

Begrudgingly, Dusk’s father gave in to his sons wishes but made sure to make him promise to keep his word to visit, and if he should ever change his mind he was more than welcome back to Manehatten to once again help with the weather team.

Dusk has now been living in Stalliongrad for close to a year, and the time he’s had has been great. He’s still in touch with friends and family back home, all of which have been made completely welcome to visit should they wish to. Working under a headstrong leader like Lightning Dust has had its days, but one thing he does thank for that is the push that Lightning gives to the rest of the weather ponies to always get better and never slack off when it came to work.

Dusk Daze

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