Episode Guide

Season 1

Episode 1: See the Stars
A group of ponies in the town of Stalliongrad enter the Running of the Leaves and meet new friends along the way.

Episode 2: Dragon Calling
An envoy from Canterlot reveals that a dragon ambassador will be living in Stalliongrad.

Episode 3: Expedition to Castle Ponyloft, Part 1
A letter from Celestia sends Silver Treasure and her friends to the fog-shrouded town of Boarovia on a rescue mission.

Episode 4: Expedition to Castle Ponyloft, Part 2
When fortune telling goes bad, Silver Treasure fights for friends and family in a dark forest.

Episode 5: Expedition to Castle Ponyloft, Part 3
Evening Breeze rallies her friends for a strike against the darkness at the heart of Castle Ponyloft

Episode 6: Two Sides of the Coin
Games and merriment give way to mayhem when an unexpected guest crashes Nightmare Night.

Episode 7: The Fantastic Foal Family Fiasco of Forgetting
When his teacher, Ms. Frizzle, points out that he has already brought in every immediately available family member, Psyche and his friends search forgotten lands for an overlooked family member to bring to Family Appreciation Day at school.

Episode 8: Reclaimer
When his mother gets feather fever, Dusk Daze and his friends travel to Manehattan to bargain with Dirty Spark, owner of Spark Industries, for access to the only known cure.

Episode 9: The Great Journey
Having braved the perils of Requiem, Dusk Daze and his friends must face the unknown depths of the Forge in order to reclaim the Index.

Episode 10: Ponies, Assemble
Prepare for unexpected consequences.

Episode 11: Dragon Your Feet
-dragon name- and his pony friends travel to the annual dragon migration to deliver a report on the state of the Equestria and recommendations on their continued relations with the dragon nation.

Episode 12: Passing the Torch
A visit from Captain Shining Armor of the Equestrian Royal Guard brings Thunder Mustang’s past back to the present.

Episode 13: Playing to the Crowd
When a travelling circus comes to town Nimble Lionheart leaps before he looks.

Episode 14: The Pony Stag
Shining Armor’s pre-wedding party is being planned by Thunder Mustang and he expects Nimble Lionheart and his friends to contribute.

Episode 15: The Road Not Taken
Having determined the Changeling threat to be located in the Forsaken Forest, Luna gathers the Stalliongrad Six for a lightning strike against King Exuvium before he can disrupt the Royal Wedding.

Episode ???: The Brave and the Bold
A mysterious caped pony performing acts of vigilantism in Stalliongrad is investigated by Silver Treasure and her friends.

Episode 16: A Somber Affair
A discovery by Emerald Flash has dire consequences for all of Equestria.

Episode 17: Dust Motes
After a crippling dismissal from the Wonderbolts Academy, Lightning Dust faces her failure.

Episode 18: Shock and Awe
The Stalliongrad Six challenge their rivals, Team Blitzkrieg, in this year’s Winter Wrap-up.

Episode 19: Apple-sitting
When the Apple family travels to Ponyville it’s up to the Stalliongrad Six to keep their farm intact.

Episode 20: Magnum Opus
When the Stalliongrad Six are imprisoned by Changeling forces, the Elements of Harmony assist against the Changeling threat.

Episode 21: Matter of Course
With the Equestrian Games looming Stalliongrad rallies to prove its worthiness as a host city for the Games.

Episode 22: Aquapony, The Aquatic Ace
The Stalliongrad Six travel to the Crystal Empire to cheer on Wave Dancer, who is competing in the aquatic segments of the Equestrian Games.

Episode 23: Blacker than Night, Part 1
An ancient foe rises to threaten all of Equestria.

Episode 24: Blacker than Night, Part 2

Episode 25: Coronation Conundrum
Due to scheduling mishap, Princess Luna has no dress for Princess Twilight’s coronation and she turns to the Stalliongrad Six for help.

Episode 26: Transcendence
In the aftermath of a spell gone wrong Emerald Flash’s friends must save him from himself.

Episode Guide

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