Silver Treasure


Race Unicorn
Age Filly
Cutie Mark X marks the spot
Location Stalliongrad
Coat Color White
Mane Color Dark and Light Brown
Special Purpose Find Lost Magic
Likes Artifacts
Dislikes Heights
Attribute Score Skills Lvl Jobs Lvl
Body 2 Hiking 1 Violinist 1
Heart 3 Archaeologist 3 Teacher(magic) 1
Mind 6 Survivalist 1
Drawing 1
Egg Head
Horn Hocuspocus
Afraid of heights,and snakes
Current Items
cape of resistance +2

Dear princess Celestia my name is silver treasure we met briefly at the Running of the Leafs.My friends and I helped save your subject Evening Breeze from a rock slice during the race.I figured it would be a good idea to tell you a bit about myself and my family since Evening Breeze and your Drake ambassador will be staying in Stalliongrad for a bit with my friends.

I will start with my mother and father.My mother is a unicorn with a white as snow coat her name is Diamond song she is a violinist and very good at it to.Even though she really doesn’t show off much when she does play her violin it,s melody sounds as if it could calm even the most dangerous and wildest of beasts. She has done some shows in Equestria you may of been to one of shows in Cantrelot. My mother used to play for a living but got swindled with the wrong crowed,the mafia to be exact. Luckily there leader had a thing for lost pieces of art.One day he brought her along on one of his little excavations. That’s where she met my father also excavating the same ruin prior.After some daring actions from my father he swooped her of her feet(literately)and escaped with her,The rest is history.

My father on the other hoof is an earth pony,and well something of a scholar/gentleman Sir Gold Watson,and yes he prefers you address him by his full name but I just call him Sir Dadley. He has and still is traveling and exploring all of Equestria. For lost magic and artifacts along with my mother they make quit an amusing team.My father has been pretty much every where all the way from the Griffin kingdom,to Germaneigh,Prance,the Mild West,and of course Equestria. He has even gone across Eternities Crossing to explore Cervidas,Camelu,Zebrica,and a bit of the fringe.When I was a foal my father would tell me stories of his adventures to put me to sleep but if anything they kept me up so my mom would play melodies with her violin which did the trick.She even tote me how to play the violin,I still play to this day,maybe one day me and my mom could play for you,and your sister princess Luna.

As for me well I was born in Stalliongrad but was never really raised there I was always with my parents while exploring the world,got myself in trouble more than a few times along the way.That is actually how I discovered and earned my quite mark. You should sit down for this one its takes some explanation.I always had a knack for finding what was once lost, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree I guess. During our travels in Saddle Arabia,we were in some underground tunnels and they collapsed.I know right why would parents put there foal in dangerous situations,but those adventures made me a great filly,and in the future a great mare.Anyways now with me and my family separated in unknown tunnels,we each start looking for another tunnel that connects to each other.After a couple hours passed, fear started to take me,I began to panic.So I used what little magical power I had to start digging through the walls with telekinesis.I ended up in a big dome like room where in the center was a scroll,preserved in a magic bubble.Fear left me and excitement took hold,I ran to the scroll only to be shot back by a pony like earth Golem. It came from the ground and after I recovered it spoke" only those who understand what they stand on my pass".After my shock and aw I shook my head,realizing I was no mach for this Golem .I thought of what it said.The answer seemed simple “the ground” I said with no response.After some time,and many answers I got irritated and began walking in frustration not realizing I was about to walk into a fallen boulder.I cursed the rock and the ceiling.With a flash it hit me its not ground “IT’S EARTH,IT’S OUR FOUNDATION” I shout.The Golem finally responds"good you understand earth is our foundation it is where everything started,you may pass".After some self pats on the back I walk pass the motionless Golem and slowly raise a hoof to grab the scroll.My hoof went through the magical bubble like it was not there.When my hoof touched the scroll I felt as if I was being transfused with raw power.After a brief spectacle I wake up to the sound of my parents crying.After some brief family moments I realize I am no longer in the dome like room.When my panic and confusion subsided my parents asked if I was hurt I look at myself only to be in aw stuck by my flank no longer being blank.“I GOT MY CUTIE MARK!!” I shout with a hop and a skip,a quite mark of X MARKS THE SPOT.I knew from then I was destined to find this worlds lost treasures.

After some years later we finally settled back in Stalliongrad when I was of age to take care of myself.Since my parents are usually on some adventure. Right know I believe they are relaxing in Ib’xian Empire on vacation,but that’s never the case with my family they will come back with a new exiting dangerous story.I normally join them but since I have made so many friends this past year I felt I should stay home and be with them.Of course I know better, even with my friends my father asked Lord Mustange to keep an eye on me just in case. I’m an only child so I have been very independent through my whole life. Im a unicorn as you saw .I’m daring but I am a bit shy when it comes to socializing with other ponies,even ponies I know sometimes.I dislike snakes,and heights.I am pretty good with magic I like to use magic based on the elements such as fire,earth,etc .I can mold earth to my will witch became second nature after I touched that scroll.I can create water out of nothing.Make a wall of fire,or create a gust of wind with my breath.Earth magic became second nature after I touched that scroll.I have been researches through the years what that scroll was or what it exactly did all I know is it amplified a part of my magic.Its also really handy cause I have a job as a archaeologist. My dig sight is right on the outskirts of Stalliongrad,unfortunately I have found nothing but well…junk I will not lose heart though, I will find something someday. Most of the spells I know I was mainly self tote with allot of trial and error, caused a couple explosions through the years ha ha,luckily my mother tote me the bases of magic,and my father gave me access to his collection of books,and scrolls on magic he collected to teach me advanced magic. My father took a little convincing to let me use them though,for my father is a true gentleman and believes a gentleman should never let a mare be put in harms way(intentionally).Of course he would not dare say that to my moms face. My father taught me many things about survival such as rock climbing,scavenging,and just being prepared for any situation.Even though I can use magic to do what he taught me he’s told me time and time again magic is apart of you not who you are,learning these skills will save your life and your friends.To this day I took what he said to heart.I hope to one day find something extraordinary on my own to show my father I have what it takes to be like him and find this worlds treasures.

I hope you enjoyed my letter and look forward to reading more in the future.Your faithful subject Silver Treasure.
P.S I wish princess luna well and hope she is a gusting after being gone so long.

Silver Treasure

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