...and how does that make you feel?

Race Earth Pony
Age Foal
Cutie Mark A soapbox
Location Stalliongrad
Coat Color
Mane Color
Guiding Element Kindness
Special Purpose To ensure the safety, well-being and friendship of everypony (and dragon and frost wolf and I suppose those changelings too) in Equestria!
Attribute Score Skills Level Job Level
Mind 2 Teach 1 Messenger Pony 1
Body 2 Philosophy 1 Reception Pony 1
Heart 3 Tap-Dancer 1
Talents Level
Charismatic 1
Sensitive 2
Tireless 1
Extra talented: sensitive
Last chance
Racial abilities
  1. Extra xp (1)
  2. Lower purchase prices (1/purchase)
  3. Crit. success banking for future fails
  1. Easily manipulated
    lowest of two rolls involving heart when faced with outside manipulation (bluffs, etc.)
  2. Nosey
    No, really, how does that make you feel?
Current Items
Harvest Diplomatic Immunity Cloak (+2 defensive rolls)
Tap shoes

Psyche was born and raised in Stalliongrad by his parents, Dr. Dre (psychologist) and Nurse Mindy. He has two siblings, Pookie and Flaming Hooves, who are a mare and a foal respectively. Pookie makes dolls for all the ponies in town, and Flaming Hooves is a track racing pony (or will be in a few years).

After a bunch of crusading, Psyche decided not to give up the soapbox he keeps pulling out to deal with situations and realized that his strongest suit (other than being an epic badass with tap shoes) is to talk everyone down and resolve things peacefully.

Most days are spent getting up early and delivering the mail, or working the Doctor’s office, then going to school. Generally, Psyche likes to get involved when things go terribly wrong and attempt to help fix them by any means possible. Where diplomacy fails, the tap shoes come out and things get real. Often aids in mass attacks and group efforts.


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